App Development


Android is the operating platform of choice on some of the world’s most widely sold handsets and mobile devices. RunMobile is an Android development partner and can help you build and deploy Android apps for your enterprise.

Android Considerations

With the array of devices that utilize Android, it’s critical to be aware of the varied screen sizes and resolutions that Android apps are viewed with. There are also user interface elements unique to Android development, such as the 'action bar,' a navigation and short-cut tool that generally persists across the top of the screen in most newer Android apps.

Our experienced engineers understand the nuances of Android development and will design and test for an optimal user experience. Using our 3-D build process, we’ll guide you from concept to deployment, so your Android app and mobile strategy are aligned with your business goals.

Our “develop once, deploy anywhere” approach ensures that your Android app can be modified for multi-platform usage in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.