App Development


As one of the pioneers of mobile computing for business, Blackberry is still an important player in the enterprise. RunMobile can develop Blackberry business apps to bring vital data and reporting to your mobile workforce.

Blackberry Considerations

The device's QWERTY keyboard and trackball are a focal point of Blackberry app development and navigation. Users that prefer to type instead of 'swipe' must be accommodated through app design specific to Blackberry usage characteristics. There are also multiple versions of the device on the market, including ones with a touch-screen, all with different display sizes to consider.

Blackberry apps for the consumer market have low penetration, but apps custom-built for a company's mobile workers are more commonplace.

RunMobile can design and build Blackberry apps for B2B or B2C usage, and our "develop once, deploy anywhere" engineering approach helps ensures scalability to other devices as needed.

Case Study

Neenah Paper improved sales performance and reduced cost through a custom Blackberry app that we developed for their field sales force. Read their success story.