App Development

Blackberry Support App

Remote360 for BlackBerry is an application that enables IT administrators to securely connect to and remotely operate the BlackBerry devices being utilized in their organization. The application allows your IT to provide individualized, BlackBerry-specific troubleshooting for any remote user anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

Remote 360 is an app on the BlackBerry. When mobile support is needed, a smartphone user can activate a remote support session, allowing help desk personnel to view the device’s screen in a web browser and issue commands to operate the device remotely.

During a remote control session, both the support user and the remote user view the same screen and are able to interact with the device. If the problem is a training issue, the support user can show the remote smartphone user, key-by-key, how to perform a function. If the problem is an error on the device, a bug in an application, or invalid data, the support user can use normal diagnostic functions to help determine the issue.

The Remote360 application suite is comprised of three components:

Remote360 Connector

A distributed smartphone application that provides remote access to the device.

Remote360 Admin Console

A web browser based interface used by support staff to access a smartphone device remotely.

Remote360 Server

A server-based Java application that facilitates communication between the other two components.

Case Study

The City of Memphis successfully reduced costs and improved support levels for their large mobile workforce using Remote360. Read their success story.