App Development

Incident Tracking Solution (ITS)

Many worksites rely on traditional pen and paper reporting to document damage, loss or injury from work-related incidents. A mobile app solution can speed on-site incident reports and improve the quality of documentation with photo and video attachments. Faster and more thorough reporting can speed claims and incident resolution.

RunMobile ITS (Incident Tracking Solution) is a mobile incident tracking solution that enables users to collect, store and perform analytics on information collected after any type of workplace incident. The app is easily downloaded and deployed to any iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows 8 device. The intuitive user interface features a form-driven data collection process to ensure fast, consistent and detailed reporting.


Incident data can be integrated to other inventory management, claims management or supply chain software. The RunMobile ITS dashboard shows aggregate incident data over time and is ideal for trend analysis and risk mitigation.


  • Automates and speeds incident reporting
  • Operates on multiple platforms to work on the device of your choice
  • Stores data to device if no signal present; uses wi-fi to send real-time data
  • Captures photos, videos and geo-location of incident damage
  • Dashboard view of aggregate data over time for incident analysis and trending

RunMobile ITS is available for use through an enterprise license agreement. To view a demo and discuss pricing, contact us.