App Development


An appreciation of user experience and an understanding of the unique platform characteristics of iOS are critical for effective iPhone app development. RunMobile engineers bring iPhone apps to life with careful attention to design and engineering for this popular device.

iPhone Considerations

The iPhone's multi-touch interface is designed for specific finger movements, called gestures, which allow users to directly manipulate onscreen objects through taps, flicks and pinches. Successful iPhone apps should utilize these standardized gestures to improve usability. Device orientation can also change, so iPhone apps must be usable in landscape and portrait views. Understanding where an iPhone app might be used is also critical for effective design. For busy professionals using an iPhone in environments filled with distractions, apps should be intuitive and simple to navigate.

RunMobile is a member of the Apple Developer community and can develop iPhone apps for your enterprise that enhance a variety of business and customer needs.

Case Study

Locum Leaders enhances the traditional physician job search with a mobile app optimized for iPhone and Android. Read their success story.