Case Studies

City of Memphis

Memphis is the largest metropolitan area in Tennessee and its governing entity, the City of Memphis, employs a growing mobile workforce that relies on 2,000-plus Blackberry devices.

Business Challenge

With mobile use expanding, Blackberry support became increasingly expensive and inefficient for the City and its IT personnel. When issues arose, city employees had to personally deliver their devices to the support team and wait for resolution, which could take an hour or more for each case (including employee travel time). Even relatively minor issues, such as contacts not synching or Bluetooth activation, required individualized attention at a central help desk, creating a large bottleneck in the support process.


Our development team built and deployed Remote360, an application that enables IT administrators to securely connect to and remotely operate the BlackBerry devices of their organization. Our consultants installed the Remote360 Server and Admin Console for a single Admin user and single BlackBerry Enterprise Server at the City of Memphis and provided access to their BlackBerry support team. The Remote360 Connector application was pushed out to most of the city’s 2,000 BlackBerry devices, adding new devices as they were upgraded. The support team was then able to remotely access and support each device, regardless of its location. City employees could then continue their work while support staff simultaneously resolved their issues.


The City of Memphis saw a dramatic decrease in the average support time for BlackBerry issues and almost immediately eliminated the expenses created from travel time between offices. The support team also benefitted from the convenience of being able to better prioritize issues as they were notified. Finally, the team was able to supply step-by-step walkthroughs from a remote location.