Case Studies

Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper manufactures and sells premium, uncoated writing, text and cover papers. Their corporate headquarters are located in Alpharetta, Georgia with mills located in Wisconsin and California. Customers include commercial printers, graphic designers and corporate end users for high-end print performance applications.

Business Challenge

Neenah Paper’s online product and price guide is critical for the company’s outside sales representatives. But they could only access the guide with a PC and internet connection, which limited their ability to pull up real-time pricing and information during a sales call at a client site.


RunMobile developers created a custom BlackBerry application providing mobile access to the company catalog. The app is optimized for quick product and price searches, and Neenah Paper’s IT department can update the application as items or prices change. A second app, called the Stock Guide, removed pricing information, so anyone could see general product information.


With its mobile applications, Neenah Paper was able to reduce the cost associated with the printing and distribution of large price books. The solution allows for easy access to pricing information, enabling the sales representative to quickly respond to customer requests. The company can update pricing and product information remotely while automatically removing old data from the catalog, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date data is being used by sales representatives.