Mobile Consulting

Mobile Strategy

With three-quarters of the US workforce on mobile devices, forward-thinking businesses are planning now for the infrastructure and applications required to support their mobile workforce--and the mobility requirements of customers. RunMobile consulting can help.

A thoughtful mobile strategy should consider platform, device, integration and security issues and a roadmap that encompasses all of the anticipated uses and users of your company’s mobile applications.

In a RunMobile consulting engagement, we strive to balance short-term objectives (“we want to build an app”) with long-term vision to create a scalable mobile strategy that aligns to your budget and business objectives.

Mobility Workshops

Curious about mobile trends or the level of investment required to support mobile needs in your business? A one-day, onsite workshop with our consultants is a good starting point to explore your options. Tailored to client need, each workshop offers:

  • Orientation to enterprise mobility options for your business
  • Mobile case studies with examples of cost and time savings
  • Analysis of your current IT footprint and mobile business requirements
  • Review of actionable steps that can drive initial mobility wins for immediate benefits